On Location at Moskito Island

Back in July this year we were commissioned by Virgin Limited Edition to photograph another one of their stunning luxury holiday locations. This time it was Moskito Island which is a new destination situated in the BVI and has been secretly under construction for the last few years. It is located just a mile across the water from their existing and currently more infamous Necker Island, where Richard Branson lives. In addition to a club house with an infinity pool, bar, restaurant and various sports facilities they have built three beautifully appointed villas. It was these villas that we were to photograph, along with their various guest rooms, swimming pools and beach’s. 

However, things didn’t exactly get off to the best of starts. After numerous delayed internal flights from Barbados we got oh so close to our final destination at Tortola Island only to be flown back to Antigua for an unexpected overnight delay due to staffing issues with our carrier LIAT Air (now known as ‘Leave Island Any Time’). Sixteen hours later, a further two flights and a boat ride we finally arrived on Moskito Island at 2pm. This was day one day one of a five day shoot, not the best of starts and now only a few hours of daylight left to get a few shots in the bag before day two.

The following day started bright and early as we were now in catch up mode and by the end of the day we were pretty much back on schedule, give or take the odd shot or two. Most of the shots required us to show the relationship between the inside and outside space which needed carefully controlled flash lighting for the interiors, with our usual light painting technique, and various exposures to balance the exterior views. Under normal circumstances this is a pretty straight forward process, however the strong winds we encountered during the shoot made this more difficult as the palm trees were often bent double right outside the windows and balcony’s. We made sure we had enough variations with the shots and knew that we could manage to make it all look perfect once the post production work was underway back in the UK.

By the end of day three we were fully back on track to get everything done on time so we were asked to make a trip across to Necker Island as the client had some requirements for update photography of the spa facilities there. So we packed up the necessary equipment and took the short, but somewhat wet, boat trip across to Necker. After a quick check of our gear we had a whistle stop tour of the island and then got stuck into some photography before returning to Moskito Island for another night shot.  

We were hoping for an ‘off’ day before flying home but some last minute editions to the shot list meant we worked most of the final day. However, by mid afternoon and after days of looking at the emerald green Caribbean we finally downed tools and took a well earned dip in the sea followed by a beer by one of the pools. Just for a minute we felt like the millionaire guests that will soon be making their way to this stunning island for their holidays. It didn’t last long as our return boat trip to the airport was due at 5am the following day and the start of long return journey.

We have been unable to share this blog or the final images until now as although we shot the work a few months ago it has been kept under wraps. However, the client has now released the images to the media and the they are taking bookings from January 2016.

This is what's required to create just one image whilst working on location at Moskito Island.

Behind the scenes images

You can also see the images here: Virgin Limited Edition Website